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Hello, Readers!

Today, I concentrated on Hamstring exercises. This is what I call Leg Day 2. I had a lot of energy today, so instead of sticking to 4 exercises with 6 sets, I pushed to 5 exercises with 6 sets. The seated hamstring curls were shorted by one set because I ran out of juice!

A key learning today was to move this second leg day out a day and exercise something in between them. Considering this learning, I’ll move my arm day between these two leg days to give the legs a little break so the intensity will remain the same over the course of this routine.

One note: The “x40” under the Ab-x machine means I am not using any weight other than bodyweight. I tend to avoid doing more than one weighted abdominal exercise during a routine. I wanted to make this note to avoid confusion.

Here’s my work out for Leg Day 2.

 Total Leg:

 Leg press: 208×12; 298×12; 298×12; 298×12; 298×12; 298×12


 Lying ham curls: 40×12; 50×12; 60×12; 70×12; 60×12; 50×12

Standing one legged ham curl: 20×12; 30×12; 40×12; 50×12; 50×12; 40×12

Romanian deadlift: 45×12; 65×12; 85×12; 105×12; 85×12;

Seated hamstring curls: 50×12; 70×12; 75×12; 80×12;70×12;


Ab machine: 130×12; 150×12; 170×12

Ab-x machine: x40; x30; x20


Treadmill: hill program level 5 20 minutes