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Today’s Quote:

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” – Joyce Meyer

No doubt about it Readers!

Your health is everything. I don’t know about you, but when I am sick, I am absolutely worthless. I don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping or lounging on the couch and binge-watching a television show on Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu. Getting sick is also expensive. You miss work, you fall behind in your assignments (if you’re in school), and then there are the bills to pay for a doctor’s visit, medicine at the Drug Store, and all the rest.

Stephen Covey said it best, “when I ask people why they don’t exercise, they reply: ‘I don’t have the time.’” I reply to them: “You don’t have time to exercise? You don’t have time not to.” (paraphrased)

Our bodies adapt to their environments. This is the miracle of the human body. If you exercise it, it stays strong, it endures, it repairs itself. If you fail to exercise, your body will degrade. It is an efficient machine that will only adapt to what it is exposed to. If you do not exercise, your body will adapt by reducing musculature, reducing bone density, reducing flexibility, and a whole host of other internal mechanisms.

If a person ignores exercise, it is almost like a slow suicide.

If you do anything for yourself this year—get out and exercise. Whether it’s a push-up or sit-up, a 5-minute walk, or perhaps a plank for 30 seconds—get out there and move!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday!!

See you tomorrow…

Daily Ramblings – Workout Log


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Hello, Readers!

Today you’ll notice a big twist in the workout routine. This workout utilizes a technique called pre-exhaustion. This is how it works.


This workout begins with single-joint exercises and progresses to multi-joint exercises. This is exactly opposite to our workout routine last week. The reason for this is to ensure the muscle you are working is totally exhausted and shocked during the workout. Believe me, my pecs and triceps were screaming at the end of this workout.

On the even weeks of this workout, you’ll see progressive rep increases and lower weights. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

See you tomorrow…

Today’s Workout

Cable Crossover (High Pulley)                                     3              12-15     Chest    15/25.0 15/25.0 15/25.0

Cable Crossover (Low Pulley)                                      3              12-15     Chest    15/10.0 15/10.0 15/10.0

Incline Dumbbell Flye                                                     3              12-15     Chest    15/35.0 15/35.0 15/35.0

Dumbbell Bench Press                                                   3              12-15     Chest    15/40.0 15/40.0 15/40.0

Bench Press                                                                        3              12-15     Chest    15/105.0 15/105.0 15/105.0

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback                                           3              12-15     Triceps  15/12.5 15/12.5 15/12.5

Triceps Pressdown                                                          2              12-15     Triceps  15/57.5 15/57.0

Lying Cable Triceps Extensions (Bench)                  2              12-15     Triceps  15/35.0 15/35.0

Overhead Cable Triceps Extension (low pulley)   2              12-15     Triceps  15/35.0 15/35.0

Close-Grip Bench Press                                                  3              12-15     Triceps  15/95.0 15/95.0 15/95.0

Hanging Leg Raise                                                            3              12-15     Abs        15/1.0 15/1.0 15/1.0

Decline Crunch                                                                  3              12-15     Abs        15/1.0 15/1.0 15/1.0

Side Plank Reach Through                                            2              to failure              Abs        5/1.0 5/1.0

Daily Ramblings – Daily Quote


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Today’s Quote:

“We must be the change we wish to see in our world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Hello, readers! Are you currently having any difficulty with your current situation, the work you do, or the environment you are in? If so, keep reading this. I offer some ideas on how you can change your situation, how you feel about work, and how you feel about your current environment by merely adjusting your attitude towards these things.

Change can be easy or difficult. The key to making a change is not about trying to change someone else, change something else, or change the conditions we find ourselves in. Trying to change any of these things is impossible. The only thing you can change is how you perceive someone else, how you perceive something else, or how you perceive the conditions you find yourself in.

Subsequently, the change we make is nothing more than changing our attitude about our reality. Take a look at anything you have to do, but really do not like to do. Let’s say you don’t like doing your laundry. If you perceive doing your laundry as drudgery, you have a few options. You can pay someone else to do your laundry. You can throw away your dirty clothes and buy new ones. You can adjust your attitude about doing your laundry. If you create a new attitude about doing your laundry, perhaps by creating a game out of doing your laundry or combining your laundry with something enjoyable like listening to music or a favorite podcast, you’ll slowly transform this drudgery into an enjoyable part of your day. You can “train” yourself to like this work by combining the work with something you enjoy.

What other ways could you take a task of drudgery and change your attitude about it? Another way is to do this task for God. Perhaps your brother, sister, mother, or father need their laundry done as well. Do it for them. Are there any other ways we could change our attitude about doing something we consider distasteful? Use your imagination. Your creativity is boundless, once you begin using it. Come up with a creative solution to overcoming your attitude about any work you do. Once your attitude changes about a particular job or task, you’ll find that doing the task is no longer difficult. You may even find yourself enjoying this task.

Try these techniques out. I think you’ll find that once you make an internal change to your attitude, you’ll find more and more things become an absolute joy to do on a daily basis and are no longer a task of drudgery.

If you have any techniques that you’ve used to adjust your internal attitude about something, some place, some person, or some task, feel free to share that. I’d be very interested in hearing about it.

See you tomorrow…

Daily Ramblings – Workout Log


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Today’s Workout!

Today was Leg Day! Many bodybuilders dread this day because it is by far the most taxing of workouts. Your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Calfs are all taxed. The larger the muscle you work, the more taxing it is on your entire system. I find on Leg days that my circulatory system is taxed the most. I am always out of breath at the end of an exercise and typically have to take 2-3 minutes breaks between exercises to recover sufficiently before moving on to the next exercise. Today, let’s address a few more topic areas: Muscle Soreness, Beginning a new workout routine.

Muscle Soreness

When you have sufficiently attacked a muscle group, you’ll discover that within 24-48 hours you’ll begin to feel some stiffness and achiness in the muscle groups you’ve worked. This is because you actually do physical damage to your muscles if you work them to failure. Working muscles to failure result in the microfilaments of your muscle fibers to rupture. When this happens, the body adapts by building a larger microfilament to replace the one that was damaged.

The easiest way to get through muscle soreness is literally just working through it. You don’t need to take a day off or any of that. Just get in the gym, get the blood pumping, and work through it. By the time you’ve hit your second or third exercise you’ll notice that the pain is gone. Don’t let muscle soreness wreck your schedule.

One trick to avoid too much soreness is to incorporate some cardio into your routine. You can do 20-30 minutes on the treadmill, add cardio acceleration to your workout, or some other type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in between your weight lifting exercises. This cardio work will keep the blood flowing, help your muscles clear out any lactic acid that has built up, and minimize the amount of soreness you may experience.

You can also hit the sauna after your workout, take a hot shower, or take a really hot bath when you get home. All of these will minimize muscle soreness from workout to workout.

Beginning a new routine

If you’ve been following my workouts, you’ll notice that some of the exercises I am working through on this new routine are actually utilizing lower weights than those I achieved toward the end of the Shortcut to Size program. When beginning a new routine, my goal is to complete the routine. Since a new routine puts different stresses on different parts of the body and because this workout is more grueling than the previous routine, I always start with a lower weight on a new routine to better allow my body to adapt to it and avoid any senseless injuries while trying to do too much too quickly. This leads to another quick chat about motivation.


We all have our own personal drivers as to why we do something. Mine is literally nothing more than maintaining my health. There are a lot of folks who are in the gym to make themselves look better, but for me, it isn’t about aesthetics. I literally want to continue to feel good, sleep good, maintain low levels of stress, and continue to improve my strength and endurance as long as this body will allow me to.

Well, that’s it for today folks.

Today’s Workout

Squat                                    2              9-11       Legs                     11/110.0 11/110.0

Front Squat                         2              9-11       Legs                     11/90.0 11/90.0

Leg Press                             2              9-11       Legs                     11/250.0 11/250.0

Leg Extension                    2              9-11       Legs                      11/145.0 11/145.0

Walking Lunge                  2              9-11       Legs                      11/110.0 11/110.0

Romanian Deadlift           2              9-11       Legs                      11/115.0 11/115.0

Lying Leg Curl                   2              9-11       Legs                      11/60.0 11/60.0

Seated Calf Raise              2              9-11       Calves                   11 x 208 11 x 208

Standing Calf Raise          2              9-11       Calves                   11 x 208 11 x 208

Cable Toe Raise                 2              9-11       Calves                   11/7.5 11/7.5

Daily Ramblings – Happy Father’s Day!


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Happy Father’s Day!

My Dad (pictured above on the left) raised three kids and took care of our family.

When I look at my life I recognize how hard it is to support a family. The endless hours of work, the constant worry, the stresses of day-to-day existence, coupled with a sprinkling of injuries, diseases, troubles, and all the rest.

Last year my Dad was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. This is a type of Dementia that is caused by poor circulation (he was a smoker for more than 50 years). I retired early in December to spend my time with my Mom and Dad (both in their 70s) to make sure they had someone to take care of them and not miss any more time with them.

I never thought at the age of 53 that I’d be back home taking care of my folks, but here I am. It is truly a blessing to have the ability to spend time with the people that bore you, raised you, and supported you throughout your life. After a month or so of returning home, I realized how blessed this situation was. I get to wake up to my folks every day, hang out with them, and enjoy them. I’ve missed a lot of years and do not want to miss anymore.

My move back home has also reduced the stress on my sister, who was the only sibling in Michigan before my return.

I hope each reader who is a Father has a tremendous day. I also hope each of you reaches out to your Father by phone, email, or text, thanking them for the sacrifices they’ve made to raise and support you.

Dads are the best.

See you tomorrow…

Daily Ramblings – Daily Quote


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Today’s Quote:

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” – John Wooden

There are some quotes that do not need an explanation. I have been blessed by a family that always does its best to take care of one another. My brother and sister have taken care of me, and I, them. My Mom and Dad raised us and gave us the best life they could. Today, I am doing my best to return the things they gave us, now that they are in their Golden Years. I cherish every day I have with my Mom and Dad.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

See you tomorrow…

Daily Ramblings – Daily Quote


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Today was a killer shoulder, trapezoid, abdominal, and oblique workout! 28 sets of shoulder work, 12 sets for the trapezoid and the abdomen. Day 3 of the Down and Up Mass program completed. As mentioned in yesterday’s posting, I’ll be taking tomorrow off to celebrate my Dad’s 78th Father’s Day. I hope all of you are having a terrific weekend! I’ll be posting my workout results for Day 4 on Monday. This will be the first leg day routine. As always, if you have any questions or would like more information about Jim Stoppani’s website or weight lifting programs, feel free to reach out. I can point you in the right direction.

Asking for help…

There are a lot of folks who go to the gym, each for their own reason. Watch the people in the gym as you go through your routine. You’ll see some folks who come once in a while, others that are a little more consistent, and others who are in the gym every day of the week. Look at the folks who appear to be in good shape. They are a wealth of information. Today I asked one of these guys the best exercises for bulking the upper chest. His response was awesome! He said, “if you want to bulk the upper and middle chest, Incline everything, and do lots of flys from the upper and lower cable and dumbbell positions.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be open to other ideas. Watch others. Why are they doing that exercise? What are the set and rep counts? What are they expecting to achieve by doing this particular exercise? If you remain open-minded and humble, people are more than willing to let you in on their routines and why they are doing what they are doing.

Today’s Workout

Barbell Shoulder Press                                   2              9-11       Shoulders            11/70.0 11/70.0

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press               2              9-11       Shoulders            11/30.0 11/30.0

Smith Machine Upright Row                        2              9-11       Shoulders            11/40.0 11/40.0

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                                  2              9-11       Shoulders            11/15.0 11/15.0

Face Pull                                                              2              9-11       Shoulders            11/35.0 11/35.0

Barbell Shrug                                                     2              9-11       Traps                     11/135.0 11/135.0

Behind the Back Barbell Shrug                    2              9-11       Traps                     11/135.0 11/135.0

Straight-Arm Pushdown                                2              9-11       Traps                     11/180.0 11/180.0

Cable External Rotation                                 2              9-11       Shoulders            11/15.0 11/15.0

Cable Internal Rotation                                  2              9-11       Shoulders            11/15.0 11/15.0

Hanging Leg Raise                                            2              9-11       Abs                        11/1.0 11/1.0

Standing Cable Crunch                                   2              9-11       Abs                        11/50.0 11/50.0

Cable Woodchopper                                      2              9-11       Abs                        11/35.0 11/35.0

Daily Ramblings – Daily Quote


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Today’s Quote:

“Before God, we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.” – Albert Einstein

God is God to everyone and all. God loves all without discrimination, without pretense, without antecedent. God is love. We are because of God’s love.

Have a great weekend everyone!

To all of my readers that are Fathers, Happy Father’s Day (in the US)!

Daily Ramblings – Daily Workout


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Happy Friday!

Today the workout concentrated on Back, Bicep, Forearm, and Calves. As a reminder, the Down and up Mass program is a 4-day workout per week. On the first and third days are Abdomen exercises. On the second and fourth days are calve workouts.

Also, you’ll notice that each exercise is only two documented sets. This workout hits muscles hard in the first and third week of each phase. This week, 2 sets are done, but the 2nd set is followed by a rest/pause set and a drop set to failure. So, 1 set of 11 reps; another set of 11 reps; followed by a rest/pause (about a 15-second rest) set of 11 reps (set #3), and then immediately following the rest pause is a drop set (drop 5-10 pounds) and work to failure. So, this routine is actually 64 total sets (32 are normal sets; 16 are rest/pause sets; 16 are drop sets to failure). The intensity of this workout is unbelievable! I woke up this morning feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to my chest and triceps (from yesterday’s workout).

Today’s Workout

Deadlift                                                2              9-11       Whole Body       11/45.0 11/45.0

Barbell Bent-Over Row                  2              9-11       Back                       11/95.0 11/95.0

Seated Cable Row (Close)             2              9-11       Back                       11/100.0 11/100.0

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown                 2              9-11       Back                       11/100.0 11/100.0

Reverse-Grip Lat Pulldown           2              9-11       Back                       11/100.0 11/100.0

Straight-Arm Pulldown                  2              9-11       Back                       11/40.0 11/40.0

Standing Barbell Curl                      2              9-11       Biceps                   11/45.0 11/45.0

Incline Dumbbell Curl                     2              9-11       Biceps                   11/20.0 11/20.0

High Cable Curl                                  2              9-11       Biceps                   11/10.0 11/10.0

Prone Incline Dumbbell Curl        2              9-11       Biceps                   11/15.0 11/15.0

Hammer Curl                                      2              9-11       Biceps                   11/20.0 11/20.0

Barbell Wrist Curl                             2              9-11       Forearms             11/30.0 11/30.0

Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl            2              9-11       Forearms             11/20.0 11/20.0

Standing Calf Raise                          2              9-11       Calves                   11/208.0 11/208.0

Seated Calf Raise                              2              9-11       Calves                   11/208.0 11/208.0

Cable Toe Raise                                 2              9-11       Calves                   11/20.0 11/20.0

Since Sunday is Father’s Day, I’ll be working shoulders tomorrow and then take Father’s day off. Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

See you tomorrow…