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I found this on TedEd and thought it would be worthwhile to share. Many do not know the importance of what has become known as Juneteenth, so here’s a video explaining it. When you look at all the history books that have been written, you begin to realize how racial bias can impact generations. When I was in school, Juneteenth was never mentioned. Why? Because most of the textbooks were written by a race that enslaved another. To quote a character on The West Wing, who was being prepped for a position in the the attorney general’s office by the Josh Lyman character. He said, “You can’t kidnap another race and put them to work for no pay…” (paraphrased).

I hope you enjoy this and learn something. I purposely try to find short videos like this, because I know many of you have jobs and busy lives. It is an important topic, however. Something, everyone should know.

Have a great Tuesday, folks!

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