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We started watching Better Call Saul this week. It is interesting because you get to revisit characters that fall along Saul’s character arc. It has a Breaking Bad feel, but is definitely a unique experience. We’ve only watched the first episode. We got distracted and caught some movies on Disney +. We watched Zhong – Zi (I don’t know if I spelled this right), a martial arts character in the Marvel Universe. We also watched Captain Marvel. That movie never disappoints. We’ll pick up Better Call Saul again, after my sister gets through all of her 50th birthday festivities.

Bay City Blast is the next book in the Remo Williams series. It is another terrific story. Again, no spoilers. You’ll have to spend the 2.99 to get the Kindle version.

Call of Duty started a new season with a desert feel. There will be a mission sometime in the next day or so with an Egyptian Tomb. I can’t wait. There have been a few challenges, and I am currently focusing on the Sniper Rifles. Speaking of weapons, this season introduced a new sniper rifle and a new melee weapon – Kali Sticks! I’ve got them to diamond camo so I am now back to the shovel and built a class with the baseball bat melee weapon.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. I hope you have a great Thursday!

Until next time…