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I hope you enjoy this video. I like to watch these on Monday morning or Sunday evening to get me pumped for the weekend. You can do this with motivational videos like this one on YouTube, a quote, or a great song! Whatever works for you, you should use. We all need a pump up now and then and I use videos, quotes, anything I can find that gives me an edge to the beginning of the week.


Here’s my schedule for the week:

  • Read daily (currently at 61 books for the year) (Mental)
  • Learn something new daily (taking 5 courses across many platforms) (Mental)
  • Write daily (on track to finish a rough draft of my recruiting book by end-of-year, daily journaling) (mental, spiritual)
  • Exercise daily (see workout routine) (physical)
  • Meditate Daily (I am using Headspace) (spiritual)
  • Blog Daily (social)
  • Code daily (48% through the Computer Science Path on Codecademy) (mental)
  • Track my success daily (EVO planner, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health on my Apple Watch, Toodledo) (mental, physical, social, spiritual)
  • Share articles on social media, here, and help my wife with her teaching credential prep (Social)

Get out there and crush it this week!

Until next time…