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This week, my sister and I watched Manhunt “Nail Bomber” and “Unabomber”. They are both on Netflix. They are great shows, particularly Unabomber, which is more dramatic, and based on real events. The Nail bomber was more of a documentary, depicting an individual who set bombs off in various parts of England and who was part of the right-wing movements there. If you are into criminal documentaries or crime dramas, both are worth a watch. Currently we are watching a series called Mindhunter. It is also on Netflix and is about the behavioral science unit in the FBI. It is about how the FBI profilers came about at the FBI. It is also another great watch, if you are into crime dramas.

On the gaming front, I am still enamored with Call of Duty Mobile. I am currently working on Gold camouflage for the family of weapons called Marksmen. These are the equivalent of tactical rifles on the console version of Call of Duty. I planned on playing Warzone this year on the new map called Caldera, but after watching some of my favorite gaming streamers, it appears Caldera is not a great addition to the Warzone game. So, I am going to stick with CODM and keep playing there. It has been great fun so far, and I am enjoying all the new maps, weapons, and seasonal challenges.

I’m reading The Ship of Death in The Destroyer series. It is another great story about Remo Williams.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. Have a great day!

Until next time…