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Monday – Thursday, Saturday-Sunday:

I’ll continue the current routine this week, with full body circuits (3) using my exercise bands. I’ve also decided on building my own home gym. The gyms opening and closures are not conducive to a consistent workout routine and I don’t want to be in this position again. Another challenge is my folks are both in their late 70s and early 80s, both with underlying conditions, which puts them both in a very susceptible position. I don’t want to risk getting them sick, so I’ll continue to workout at home, and begin putting together a decent gym at my place.

Initially, I’ll start with a basic flat bench and some dumbbells. Then, I’ll move onto some bigger equipment like a squat rack, etc. Wish me luck.

In the comments, put down what you’ll be doing this week, to stay healthy and strong. I’d like to hear from you.

See you at the finish line!