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Today I am grateful for my journaling habit. From time-to-time I will revisit my journal and read through my entries in a month or a quarter. If I have time I revisit an entire year of journal entries. What wonderful stories, experiences, and learning!

Many of the things I record in my journal are my thoughts about various topics. Sometimes I rant to get something off my chest; other times I simply record my feelings about an event, the family, or my relationship with my wife. These are deeply personal and hold special meaning for me.

This blog is also a snapshot of my inner being, exposed for the world to see.

My journaling time is a time for deep reflection. Why do I feel the way I do? Why do certain things piss me off and other things make me laugh? How does my attitude alter over time? How have I evolved?

A journal is a great way to have deep, intimate conversations with yourself. It is a way of overcoming fears, challenges, and recording memorable events in your life–events that may fade with time, if you do not record what is happening.

I journal for all types of reasons, but the habit started simply by reading an article on line that explained the benefits of journaling. I didn’t save the link, so I cannot offer you that, but if you do a Google Search (or your preferred search engine) using keywords like: journaling, diary, benefits of, you’ll find an article that may lay it out for you better than I could.

Personally, I have gained many benefits from journaling and take about 20-30 minutes each day to record my thoughts first thing in the morning. If you read my recent post about items that you do automatically to kick off your day–this is mine. The very first thing I do to kick off my day is hit my journal and begin writing.

I use Microsoft OneNote. You could use this, MS Word, Google Docs, or EverNote. You get the idea. You may have found another technology that works that is not mentioned here. The point is to use something that has the ability to keep all your journal items in one place and is accessible by all of your devices for easy access. This is particularly important when you are on a trip and do not bring your laptop, but have access to a tablet or phone. This was the case when we flew out for my niece’s wedding. I did my journal entries on my iPad, instead of my laptop during this period.

There are all kinds of journals you can keep. Gratitude journals, dream journals, diaries, writing journals, cooking journals, reference diaries, you name it. The key is to create a journal that you will stick with. For me, it is a combination of dream, gratitude, affirmation, and free-form writing that build my journal entries.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. If you do not journal currently, you may want to give it a try. It has worked wonders in my life, and it will for you too.

Have a great Thursday!

Until next time…