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Well, folks. Here we are again. Another Monday and a start to a new week. Do you experience a feeling of dread on Mondays? I know I used to, particularly when I was working full time. For some reason, I always dreaded that first day of the week, despite a relaxing weekend that preceded it.

It is the weekend, particularly those weekends that are very relaxing and joyful, that always made me want the weekend to continue and never end. How do we overcome this feeling?

I never could. But, I discovered that digging into work quickly, ended this feeling of dread pretty quickly. I also discovered that if I prepared for Monday on Friday, it was less of a challenge heading back to work and putting my work hat back on.

Every Friday I would look at my plan for the upcoming week. What meetings did I have? Who was I going to meet? Was there any personal appointments or business to take care of (car maintenance, dental appointments, etc.).

What did the weatherman say? This will help you figure out what you’re going to wear. By planning out all these things for Monday on Friday, I took away some of the dreaded Monday feelings and also could really enjoy my weekend, knowing everything was ready to go for Monday.

If you always experience the “dreaded Mondays”, try this out. You may experience what I did–less dread, less stress, and an easier and faster adaptation to the work environment on Monday morning. Once I got into the office, got my cup of coffee and got to work, the quicker the dread left.

Have a great week, folks!

Until next time…