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Today’s task that overrode all others was putting together a spreader for the folks. Most of the spreaders at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and a specific store in our area called Menards’ only carry spreaders that need to be assembled, at least those spreaders that are reasonably priced. Anyway, when I have something to do for my folks, that becomes the priority of the day. My stuff can wait. I took a break from assembly to come in and enjoy some coffee, but will be heading out soon to finish up. Almost done!

The reason I brought this up is that despite our need to control every facet of our day, there are times when something needs to be done and you can’t push it off or reschedule it. Unpredictable things, emergency things. This is one of the key reasons to plan your day with some flexibility in mind. One of my Mom’s friends mis-stepped on the landing going into her house and broke her ankle.

Each of us has our priorities. We have home maintenance, personal hygiene, bookkeeping, errands, our jobs, etc. These things can be planned, but some room should be left in your calendar as “flex-time”, then if you have to step on something due to an emergency or some other unexpected priority, you have the ability to move your calendar around.

For me, since I am retired (thank God), I really only need to put important meetings on my calendar. The rest of my day I run with my time management app (Any.do). Then I have the flexibility built in. The key is to get all the things on my list done for the day, it doesn’t matter what order I do them in, or when I do them. It just matters that I finish all I have on my daily to-do list, most of which is recurring daily.

Well, that’s it for today. There are literally hundreds of ways to run your day. Each of us needs to find out what works best for us. These will change as we do, but you understand what I’m saying. Have a plan, but plan for the unexpected. The only way to do this is to leave some flexible time open on your calendar.

Well, folks, that’s it for today. Have a great week!

Until next time…