I posted yesterday about filters and was intrigued by the word “Automatic”. This word is linked to the filters we look through each day as we interact with our environments. If we are engaging our world unconsciously, this filter glosses over the beauty before us and taints it with our own internal map.

It is all about being aware, paying attention, grasping the lessons Divine Spirit gives us in each moment we are here. A mind is a machine. It is not us. It serves a purpose that is important to our existence, but it is not us. Most of the mind’s operations are automatic. The heart, lungs, and our internal systems are on autopilot. What is not automatic is our ability to stop and listen, evaluate what the mind thinks and why it thinks the way it does.

There’s a huge movement out there relating to mindfulness. It is merely the practice of living in the moment and to only do one thing at a time. To live now, experience now, and not worry about previous moments or future ones. It is savoring every bite of our breakfast, enjoying that first sip of coffee or tea, a word we read in our book. In a world running a million miles an hour, mobile devices surgically attached to our hands, we are so wrapped up in so many things that the noise of our lives drowns out the moments that should be precious.

It is in the silence of a moment that we truly feel. It is in the silence of a moment that we truly see. It is in the silence of a moment that we can feel an expansion of consciousness, a feeling of unexplainable largeness where we feel at one with all and everything.

Automatic is good when we need to breathe, our hearts need to pump, or we need to react to a dangerous situation. Automatic is not good when it becomes a default in our lives. Take some time to get quiet today. To breathe. To enjoy the moment. To contemplate. Your life will be fuller, you’ll enjoy things more, and more importantly, the stress in your life will lesson.

Have a wonderful day!

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