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I love to communicate with the written word. The title I have chosen relates to the intended randomness of my future postings. I enjoy reading and writing about a great many things. My hope is that one or more of these topics will provide value to you and inspires you to interact with me.

My creative muse has nudged me to begin writing about some of the quotes I find here and there. Here goes:

“As we give of ourselves, of our patience and love, to someone else who needs it more, something changes inside us. Something flows in, a flow of good feeling. A spiritual upliftment occurs both in us and in the person receiving the love.” – Harold Klemp – The Language of Soul

This quote speaks about serving others. It is so easy for each of us to be so wound up about our own problems that we become introverted. The flow goes inward. The above quote reminds us that when we give of ourselves through charity, a helping hand, or even something as simple as a smile, we pass along something to the person receiving this gift of self.

Think about a time in your life when everything was going wrong. Maybe you were sick, maybe you didn’t get a lot of sleep, maybe the pressures of life were just getting you down. The feelings you had at the time may have been a collection of things that just piled up and left you feeling paralyzed, unable to tackle anything–a feeling of absolute overwhelm.

Then something happens. You are waiting in line for your coffee or sitting at your desk and someone out of the blue looks at you and smiles or perhaps your boss comes along and tells you how great of a job you’ve been doing. This one kindness, this one simple act, may have brightened your day. Remember the feeling that small thing did for you.

Now imagine the situation in reverse. You’re in line for your coffee and you notice someone who is upset. Maybe their eyes are glassy, maybe they are frowning, maybe, you just feel they are having a bad day. What could you do to brighten this stranger’s day? Perhaps a compliment about what they are wearing, perhaps buying them a cup of coffee (have the sales person give this to them), or maybe asking them if it’s ok to sit down with them just to be there with them without saying anything.

I think if each of us approached our day, being mindful and aware of our surroundings, it would be easy to spot someone that just needed a little something to make their life a little easier that day.

What do you think of this quote? Would you interpret it differently?

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