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Do everything, large or small, as if you were doing it for God alone. That means the task will be done with love, joy, and (don’t forget) thoroughness.

Sri Harold Klemp – The Loving Heart

Each of us have our daily duties. Cleaning up, laundry, self-hygiene, taking care of pets, and so on. When we do these things for God, we open ourselves to a love that comes without strings attached.

The ego or what we call the “little self” is minimized when we do things for God. The ego is a much-needed part of us here in the lower worlds, because without it we would be trampled on like a door mat. However, it is also the source of most of our problems here. The ego can be insulted, slighted, and upset. It can be jealous, intolerant, unforgiving. It can be lustful, greedy, and vane. It likes to attach us to things like certain beliefs or ideas, foods, drugs, and causes all kinds of problems.

When we minimize the ego, it is harder for us to be upset at others, lust after things we want, but do not need, and all the rest. This minimization causes us less heartache over the long term and also helps us become more loving. If we lust after less, are angered less, are less greedy, less attached, and less vane, things tend to smooth out in life for us. We can begin cultivating the virtues of discrimination (making good choices), tolerance and forgiveness, contentment, detachment, and humility.

Do things in the name of God and your life will take a turn for the better.

May the blessings be.