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You’ve just entered a larger room, and that’s often why you feel this emptiness. It takes a little while for divine love to reach in and touch all the corners of your heart.

Sri Harold Klemp – Truth Has No Secrets

All of us are on a journey. We may be unaware of it, but the real you–Soul, is striving to return home.

The larger room, Sri Harold describes in this quote is the feeling you’ll get when you’ve made some spiritual progress. Sometimes when you’ve accomplished this, you’ll have a dream of being in a large theater or stadium. You’ll feel expansion or expansiveness.

Whenever you give of yourself, you are giving the love in your heart to another. This act, whether it be to an animal, another person, or even a plant, is you giving of yourself. Sometimes it is just listening to someone who is having a tough time of it. It may be a smile you give to a stranger at the market or wherever you are. Each of these little moments when you give of yourself, you are giving out love.

There’s a saying in ECKANKAR and it goes like this: “You have to give love to get it”. Each of us has a certain capacity or capability for love. Imagine it as a cup or your heart. When your heart is full, you can’t get any more love. Your cup is filled. When you give love to something you are doing, another person, or an animal or plant, love leaves and creates a gap or a little space for love in your cup. Since God’s love is always coming to us, it fills your cup right back up. So, as the quote says, give love and you’ll get love. It’s a really simple equation.

When we grow spiritually, our cup gets bigger. Our heart center expands. This is the expansion we feel when we are becoming more capable and attain higher spiritual heights. You don’t have to be an ECKist to experience this. It is simply the way this world works.

If you ever feel unhappiness, or just feel down, go out and give of yourself. When you give love, you get it. By doing for others without any expectation of getting something back, you will get something back. That is God’s love.

All of us have experienced that feeling of love that comes when we do something for others or complete some tasks with love. It’s a feeling that can’t be bought. It just feels good. It is a very light love–a subtle love–but it’s there.

No one misses out on this. It works for everyone all the time. Sri Harold recommends doing one thing each day out of love and love only without any expectation of something coming back. Try this out. You’ll see what I’m saying. You slowly build a habit of doing these things and your life will improve exponentially.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. Have a great Sunday. Go about your day knowing that God’s love is coming to you 24 hours a day. It never stops. It never ends.

May the blessings be.