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As a spiritual exercise, take yourself into a larger room. For example, if you have a desire for self-discipline, leave the room of self-discipline that you’re in. Go down the corridor, and go into another room. This room will be larger. It will be much larger. Just live within the awareness that you want to be in this room of more self-discipline. Then let the Holy Spirit, the ECK, bring about the changes in your life that will accompany such a resolution.

Sri Harold Klemp – Truth Has No Secrets

This is a really neat spiritual exercise if you are lacking discipline in any area of your life. This is a technique you can use, regardless of religious background. This is a quote from the daily inspiration page of the ECKANKAR website. Here’s the link if you’d like to get access to these daily quotes. I visit each day: https://www.eckankar.org/engage/daily-inspiration/

I use this technique for a multitude of things. Things like focus, discipline, or even open-mindedness. If you try this and it works, stick with it. You can create anything you like for yourself. We all have this ability. It is not dependent on intelligence, wealth, good looks, or any of that. You simply close your eyes and visualize a better life for yourself. Once you do this for a bit, you’ll start getting ideas or epiphanies that will guide you.

I hope all of you have a terrific Sunday.

May the blessings be.