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I love the snowy months. We’ve gotten hit with about 6 inches with more in store for the next few days. Snowy days are great days for reading, writing, and all the other things I do from the comfort of my office chair. I finished a few books this week. The first was Blackbirch 3 from my friend and author in Australia, K.M. Allan. I also finished the book The Carnivore Diet. This book has been on my reading list for a while. I picked it up after seeing a YouTube video from Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. Jordan Peterson. He has been on the Carnivore diet for about a year at the time of this showing. His wife, daughter, and he have adopted this diet because of health issues in his family. Autoimmune disease, depression, and arthritis in his daughter. Remarkably, they have all come of anti-depressants, his gum disease has disappeared, and he has lost about 60 pounds.

I too suffer from gum disease and have also felt some other changes occurring that I’m not too happy with. So, I’m going to embark on my own adventure into the carnivorous diet. I don’t know if I’ll go as hard as the Petersons, which literally means they eat beef and nothing else, but salt and water, but I’ll definitely give it a go. Gum disease is incurable and is no fun. I was diagnosed in 2018 and have been dealing with it ever since. I had an appointment with a dentist to get to work on this, but when I found out the procedure would run me about $6000.00, and there was no guarantee that it would go away, I passed and have looked for more homeopathic solutions. Diet is one of them, since changing diet will also change the biome in my gut and mouth. The theory is: If you stop eating things that feed a certain type of bacteria that lives within you, those bacteria that are harmful will die off and the bacteria that is needed to digest meat will survive.

I’ve tried the Keto diet in the past and it was really effective at weight loss, but it was too hard to track. Fat is the primary food source Keto dieters use. It has been very effective for those with Diabetes, but the measuring of yourself for being in Ketosis is very difficult, not to mention, tracking all the things you need to track, so I gave it up as too unsustainable. The Carnivore diet, on the other hand, is easy. Eat meat. That’s it. So, I’m going to give it a whirl. My way of moving to a new diet is not a radical change overnight, but gradual. I’ll see what it does and how it impacts me.

I read a lot of books at the same time. I enjoy reading non-fiction, but also enjoy fiction and spiritual books. So, I always read at least three at a time. Currently I am reading: A Deadly Influence, The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad book 2, and I’ve got to find another non-fiction book to dive into. I don’t know what I’m going to read, but I’ll start looking today.

Well, I’m done for now. I hope all of you have a great Friday and weekend. Here’s to a hot cup of coffee on a snowy day!

Until next time…