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Well, folks, I finished Blackbirch 3 yesterday. Wow is all I can say. The book ended with a cliffhanger of sorts, and man, I can’t wait for book 4. Well done, K.M. Allan!

I also finished Crash Course World History. I have now moved onto Crash Course World History 2. John Green is still the narrator, and he is very entertaining. You can find these courses on YouTube or Curiosity Stream.

I’m still taking the MS Excel course on Udemy. We are learning some neat tricks with VBA, the recorder, and various things that are related to macros. This is a really great course and will be over very soon. I’m on the final project of the course. What a great ride!

I started a new book, called A Deadly Influence. It falls in the thriller/action genre. It’s about a cop who is trying to locate a kidnapped boy. The story takes right off and boy, is it good so far.

As mentioned, I’m starting Crash Course World History 2 today. My next course will be with the same instructor, Kyle Pew. I’m going to take his MS Word course, next. I really enjoy how he puts courses together and shows you all the neat shortcuts that are available to us and also how to apply what we learn to real-world projects.

This is all about reading and learning for me. These both fall into Covey’s Mental realm. I always want to be learning something new, whether it is about a topic I am interested in, or something that can improve my game play in Call of Duty or other games.

Well, folks. I hope you have a great Thursday. We got a bunch of snow yesterday and are scheduled to get more. I love waking up to white! It’s so beautiful to see the trees coated with snow! Well, I’m off to my first cup of coffee of the day and will watch the sunrise.

Until next time…