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I was reading a few days ago about what drives people to do what they do. For some a drive comes from serious loss or pain. For others they are inspired by someone. There is no way to categorize or analyze this because there are just too many reasons for people to do what they do. So, it’s best to stick with learning about what drives you.

What drives you to do what you do? Do you like to exercise? Do you like your hobby? Do you enjoy your work? Do you enjoy companionship? General Grant, who had throat cancer late in life, wrote his memoir to support his family when he was gone. His driver was family and responsibility.

One of my drivers is competence. I like to know how to do things. I like to learn new things. Then, I like to apply those things to what I am doing every day. If there’s a new technology or app I can use to make my life easier or more efficient–I’m there. One of the things I’ve learned over time is how much better it is to know where something is, rather than memorize it. There is so much information out there. If you can’t remember how to do something, simply know where to learn how to do it.

Drivers are what get us up in the morning. Hobbies, responsibilities, passions, whatever you label them, drivers are very motivating. Sometimes we need to take a little time and really think through what drives us. Once I discovered my true drivers, it made it easier for me to find the motivation to do the things I wanted to do and the ones I needed to do.

Have a great Monday, folks!

Until next time…