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I completed the game and now working on maxing out my weapons. I have a lot to go, but boy is this fun. It was recommended by many of the streamers I follow to play invasion and ignore grinding camos. Just get all the weapons maxed out for the release of Warzone 2.

So a lot has changed in this version of Call of Duty. One change is that I have not played COD on my console since COVID hit. So getting used to a controller again has been a little bit of an issue. That being said, my game play has improved dramatically over the last few days of playing. Well, let’s dig in.

First, if you follow any of the streamers who comment on COD, you’ll get a mixed review of the game. Some will continue playing, while others who have decided to move away from COD will not. There are folks who do not like the game crashing, some who do not like skill-based match making (SBMM), and still others who are bored with the changes to weapon systems, leveling, prestige systems, and all the rest. I, for one, enjoy the game. I always have. Mind you I am not a competitive gamer, seeking to get a lot of wins and high Kill-Death (K/D) ratios. I enjoy the game, do my best to improve my game play, and do it because it is fun.

What are some of the changes. Well, weapons unlock attachments. Each weapon you max out or attain a certain level with, open up other guns, which in turn will do the same for other guns, and so on. When you unlock attachments, those attachments will work on other weapons. So in some respects, leveling up other weapons becomes easier. This game has a few new games like invasion, which I did not recognize. They are all fun. For now, I’ll stick with the advice I got from Stone Mountain 64. I’ll concentrate on maxing out my guns and getting used to controller play again and learn the invasion maps.

Some of the things you will experience while playing. The game will crash from time-to-time. This is normal during game releases. Call of Duty has not “officially” released, so the early access purchasing this game gives you is designed to do the final test of the game before Warzone 2 and some of the other things they are releasing with the Season 1 Battle Pass come into the game. At that point, the crashes will subside, the game play will be more streamlined, and things will normalize. OH! The AI or Bots in this game are ruthless. I don’t know how they did it, but the AI is absolutely deadly. They will snipe you, they will throw grenades at you, they will chase after you, and they will keep coming. I really like that about the new AI engine in this game.

If you play COD, I hope you enjoy the new MWII. I enjoyed the campaign game. I also enjoy playing on my console again. It is a real treat. I am still playing CODM too. Since the new console gaming will take up more of my time, APEX and PUBG mobile will have to take a step back. Right now, I am focusing on getting diamond camouflage on all of the weapons in the game and working through the challenges.

Have a great Saturday, folks.

Happy gaming!

Until next time…