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Well, I finally got to play COD MW 2. I played it on an XBOX console. Wow! What an experience. I have not played the multiplayer games yet but wanted to say that the campaign was terrific. It took me about 7 hours to beat, but what a ride! If you are a Call of Duty fan, this one did not disappoint.

I got the basic version, which runs $69 US. I highly recommend it if you enjoyed previous versions of COD.

On the mobile front, I just achieved the CROWN rank in PUBG, Diamond in APEX, and still legendary in CODM in both multiplayer and battle royale. CODM had a truckload of challenges this week. Wow! If you haven’t used C4 yet, boy is that fun, particularly on the shipment map playing hardpoint. It is so satisfying to get a C4 charge inside a canister and set it off. Multi-kills arise!!

One of the things I wanted to address is the mindset for ranking. Ranking in any game can be frustrating. In CODM it is frustrating to play with random players as you approach the higher ranks. When you lose, points are deducted. Wow, that sucks. This is the same in each of the games you rank in. If you lose you’ll lose ranking points. It’s all part of the process. The key to ranking is sticking with it and grinding. It’s the same way with grinding weapon camouflages. You have to grind to get 150 10-kill games to diamond out a golden assault rifle. But, it will happen if you stick with it.

This is the key to all of these games. You have to stick with it and drive through. Some of you who read this blog may be casual gamers. You’re not in it for diamond weapons or predator rank. You’re in it because it’s fun. I’m totally fine with that. I like to compete. I like to finish challenges. I like to rank up. These are the things that drive my game play.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. I’ll be diving into CODM, APEX Legends Mobile, and PUBG Mobile today. Have a great Saturday, folks!

Until next time…