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Well, as you can see I’m quite busy. Deep Mind is the next book in the Star Carrier Series. I finished Deep Time on Monday. Blackbirch 3 is the next book in the Blackbirch series by my friend and author K.M. Allan. She’s an Australian Author. If you haven’t read Blackbirch, I highly recommend it. It’s a great series.

My sister and I are watching scary movies this month. We started with Dr. Sleep, which is like a sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining, but it is all its own. We watched Crimson peak, which is a really eerie movie. Finally, we watched IT. I have never seen the movie, but Pennywise the clown was terrifying.

On the learning front, I’ve started a Discord course, restarted a Canva course, and still plugging through the MS Excel course. All of these are terrific courses. I get all of them on Udemy and bought all of them on sale for about $12. If you are ever interested on learning something new, Udemy is a great service.

Well, that’s it for today, folks.

Until next time…