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CODM came out with a few challenges this week and brought back Zombies for a bit. These challenges drop the new melee weapon the Butterfly Knife. There’s another challenge also that will last for some time. It’s the seasonal challenge and you have to grind a lot to get the points to move through various clues, collecting them on the way.

I tried out Apex Legends and PUBG this week. My initial thoughts. Apex is fun. It has some great graphics, the legendary characters are a blast (my favorite is Loba). They have both Battle Royal ranked and unranked and they have team deathmatch. I am playing ranked because I enjoy the competition and the ability to increase my rank, which is ordered by color. You start at Iron and work your way up.

PUBG is a little clunky and I still have a lot to learn, but it’s fun. Between the three the time-to-kill (TTK) is high in PUBG, Medium level in CODM, and low in Apex Legends. Your aiming has to improve the slower the TTK. I started out unranked in both APEX and PUBG, but moved to ranked once I got the swing of things.

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit, but still enjoy Battle Royal, try these out. You may like them or not. For me, I’ll always be a CODM fan, but APEX and PUBG are also really fun to play and will improve your game play in CODM, just because you have to learn different skills in both of these games that will contribute to your BR and Multiplayer play in CODM.

Try them out. They’re both free and they’re both mobile.

Happy Gaming!