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Well, the Stage 4 regional championships are over and now we wait until Stage 5. Boy is that going to be a show.

Today, I’d like to talk about weapon camouflage. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love getting weapons to diamond. Are you done there? No. You can still Master your weapon and then get ranked worldwide.

So, how do you get camouflage on your weapons? It’s quite simple. You have categories of camouflage that pertain to different types of kills. You can find out what that weapon camouflage requires by clicking on the camouflage you are working on. The initial camouflage is earned by number of kills. You’ll also have categories like hip shooting, shooting while kneeling, double kills, triple kills, and getting kills without any attachments. You have to get Gold, before you can work on Diamond. To get Gold, you have to complete all the basic camouflages described above.

Getting diamond camouflage requires getting through so many games with 10 kills each game. Look at your weapon’s diamond camouflage to find specifics, but the numbers depend on the type of weapon. Shotguns and submachine guns require 120 games x 10 kills per game. Snipers are the same. Your launchers each have a unique one, so be sure to check out the diamond camouflage before working on it. Assault rifles require the most–150 games x 10 kills.

The best way to work toward diamond is securing yourself a character that has a weapon counter on their wrist. I run with Mace, but there are a few legendary characters you can purchase. To my knowledge, you can only secure a legendary character by paying for it. If you can’t afford that, you’ll have to keep a running count in your head.

What game type should you play? If you’re really good, you could work on diamond camouflage playing any of the game types (team deathmatch, frontline, control, or hardpoint). There are many others, but I’d stick with the core games when your grinding camo. For me, my go to is hardpoint. It is the longest of all the games and makes it easier to get your 10 kills. This is critical, particularly when you are grinding camo for your launchers. They are tough to get 10 kills in any other mode.

Mastering your weapon will allow you to give your weapon a name. You can only Master a weapon when you have achieved Diamond and you can only go above diamond rating when you play ranked multiplayer or battle royale. I stick with multiplayer, because you control which weapon you play with. In Battle Royale, you are rolling the dice because you have to gather your weapons on the battlefield.

There are other camouflages that you can earn in tournaments, which started two or three seasons ago. There are also camouflages that you get when you gold out every weapon in a series. Platinum I believe is when you get 5 weapons in a class completed. Damascus camouflage comes when you’ve hit gold on every weapon in a class. I’ve hit diamond on every weapon in every class, other than assault rifles. That one I’m still working on.

Well, I hope this has been helpful. Have a great weekend, folks!

Happy Gaming!