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Another big motivator is a reward. You do something hard, reward yourself. You finish your to-do list, reward yourself. You accomplish a goal, reward yourself.

Rewards motivate us to do the things we’ve tasked ourselves with and give us something to look forward to. When I finish a task on my list, I play some games. I love video games, so this reward motivates me to get my stuff done, so I can play. The reward must be something you look forward to. It has to be your favorite thing, whether it’s a nap, a snack, television show, or some other thing. The reward must be worth the work you do or this tactic will not motivate you.

So if you have a long list of to-dos, spread out your rewards throughout the day. Knock out five tasks and take a nap. Knock out five more and watch your favorite show. I like to sprinkle rewards throughout the day because it keeps me rolling along. There is always something to look forward to.

Happy Monday, folks!

Until next time…