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I’m still reading Dark Time. It is getting really good. America boarded the alien ship and found some surprising information, particularly with the aliens, which are literally walking squids. Anyway, that’s what’s going on in the book.

I’m continuing to watch the West Wing. I’m rewatching season 3. My sister couldn’t be here the last few weeks, so I’m waiting to get season 4 until she is back here to watch with me. One thing I will mention that I am also watching is the Call of Duty Mobile Championships. We are in stage 4 and Japan and Europe are both finalizing the team(s) that will represent them at stage 5 where the entire globe competes for the number one spot. Last weekend was India and Latin America. It was great watching these players. Wow, are they good.

I had to put MS Excel on hold to brush up on PowerPoint. I have a presentation that will be recorded and I don’t know how to do it. I’ll finish the course tomorrow and be up to snuff at that point. Then I can finalize my presentation and get it into the gal who will be running it in my absence at a retreat. The reason I passed on going is we are still seeing COVID numbers spike and with my folks’ condition, it is impossible for me to get out. So, learn PowerPoint is what I’m doing. If you are looking to brush up on any of the MS office products, you’ll love the instructor that runs these courses. Here’s his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbCHkRl8AGEVmdF369Er7VQ He is terrific!

Well, folks. I’m still clearing out the cobwebs from taking some time off. It was a great week with my brother. We got good news yesterday. My brother and nephew (his son) are coming back in the first week of September for Mom’s birthday. It’ll be terrific!

Have a great Thursday!

Until next time…