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Dark Time is currently describing the America boarding an alien vessel, using a contingent of Marines. They’ve discovered an alien race inside the ship, and they are beginning to interact with it. The suspense is terrific.

I’m currently watching the “Ellie” episode of West Wing. This episode has Bartlett’s Surgeon General talking about drug policy and gets into trouble with some of her statements. Ellie is President Bartlett’s daughter who puts him in a tight spot, when she says to the press that her father would never fire the Surgeon General. It’s a great episode.

I’ve been learning MS Excel. I have a presentation to give at a retreat this month, and need to bone up on PowerPoint, So, I found a course taught by the same guy teaching the MS Excel course. If you’re interested, look up Kyle Pew on Udemy. I plan on taking all of his courses. He’s that good.

Well, it’s Thursday. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and we have thunderstorm warnings until 9 am tomorrow. Have a great Thursday, friends.

Until next time…