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This weekend, I’m going to talk about becoming a Shadow and the things I wish I’d known prior to going through this process. There are two groups in the Diablo Immortal landscape. The Immortals and the Shadows. To become Immortals, the Shadows have to overthrow them. To remain Immortals, they have to fend off the Shadows.

The Shadows are composed of clans. You join the Shadows by doing what is called the Shadow Lottery. If you want to become a Shadow, keep doing this until you are picked up. Once you are picked up, you’ll start out at the Apprentice rank. Then you begin progressing your character through the Shadow ranks by doing Shadow-specific tasks. These are listed out, but the most important actions are: Contracts, Assembly, Vault, Path of Blood, Battleground and Shadow War.

To participate in the Shadow war, you have to join a clan. Getting into a clan is not hard, but you want to contribute when you become part of one. That means doing your contracts, showing up for Shadow wars, and all the other things listed above. If members of your clan each do what they have to do each day to knock out their daily tasks, your clan will gain rank, and get some special bonuses which will really help you in the Shadow War competition that happens on Thursday nights and Saturday nights. There are some other things, but these are the key activities that will get you the rank you need. Each rank you progress, your skills increase. The same goes for Assembly, which gives you character bumps, experience, and Aspirant Keys, which are also really terrific. We’ll talk about those later.

The interface for the Shadows is easy to interact with. It has its own section in the user interface. One other thing. If you can afford it, get yourself an iPad. For me it is critical. Now that I am almost 60, my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and playing on a phone is impossible. I have to use an iPad because it is big enough for me to see. If a phone is all you have, no worries. Diablo Immortal is also available on PC. I’m assuming it will also move to console (PS, Xbox) at some point, to capture those players. We’ll see.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks! Have a great Saturday!

Happy Gaming!