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Dark Time has the Star Carrier America closing with an alien ship and getting ready to board her with a contingent of marines. This is after the alien ship “swallowed” a USNA ship that got too close. It’ll be interesting to learn what happens next!

All, I just finished the Civil War series I’ve been watching. Now, I’m learning about George Washington, in “The First American” on Amazon Prime. It’s one long movie, so I watch about 10 minutes a day. So far, they are describing the difficulty with writing about a man like this, who was very quiet and did not say too much, compared to the others like Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison.

I learned about auditing an Excel worksheet. It’s pretty cool. You can see all the formulas, you can see which cells are impacted, and you can even use what is called a watch window to validate that a formula is actually working the way you want. Good stuff!

I am purchasing the West Wing season by season. In August, I’ll be watching season 4. I finished season 3 this month. My sister’s arrangement for work changed, so she is not living with us during the week. She started a new role at her company and this move required her to work onsite. I’m not sure if she’ll be fully remote like she was, but at some point, she may be back here during the week. Who knows? Anyway, I’m watching the series myself, and I just love the story. Season 4 will continue with the President’s reelection bid, and the fall out from assassinating the defense minister of another country who attacked America.

That’s it this week, folks!

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