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If you are serious about gaming, this suggestion is a no-brainer. Watch YouTube. Regardless of the gaming genre or the game you like to play, there is always someone who is producing content for that game. So today, I’ll give you highlight some streamers I watch to improve my game play.

The two mobile games I’m playing are Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) and Diablo Immortal. I haven’t found a favorite streamer yet, but these are a few that passed on some great tips. One huge tip I learned yesterday watching some streams was the importance of focus and patience. Focus means you are building one aspect of your Diablo character, particularly the gems. When you are all over the place you won’t have the strongest character you need, when you begin progressing to higher levels of game play.

In Diablo, for example, there are different levels of game play that allow you to fight higher-level enemies and get better loot. These levels are normal, Hell I, Hell II, and so on. If you get to Hell III, like I am currently, but do not have gems and other gear built up, you’ll get crushed when it comes to running around the world. The creatures are going to be too tough and it’ll be frustrating.

On to the videos. This first one will be a streamer for CODM. He passes along strategies that will preserve your ammo, keep you alive longer, and hopefully become a better player.

YouTube Streamer Kith

Here’s one for Diablo Immortal. It’s a great video to watch if you’re just starting out.

Provided by YouTube streamer Ryhkker

So that’s it for today. YouTube is a great resource for gamers and you’ll always find one or more streamers who you’ll enjoy watching. Once you’ve learned something, apply it. Get into your game, try out the strategy that is suggested and see if it works for you.

Happy Gaming!