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Howdy, folks! I decided to break away my gaming from my Thursday posts and create an entirely different posting since it could easily take over an entire posting by itself. My hope for this weekly blog posting is to provide tips and tricks, introduce you to some live streamers I follow, and give you some inside strategies that have worked for me to attain legendary status in both Battle Royal (Ranked) and Multiplayer (Ranked). I’m also passionate about weapon camouflages and leveling them up.

I just finished getting diamond camouflage for all of the SMGs. Now I have three Shotguns left, two Sniper Rifles, the new L-CAR pistol, and a whole truckload of Assault Rifles. In future issues, I’ll walk you through the camouflage process to Gold, how to get Damascus, Dark Aether, Platinum, and how to get some seasonal camouflages only available in tournaments.

I’ll also be offering some advice on Diablo Immortal, along the same lines as CODM. I’m not a veteran of Diablo, but I do love well-written role-playing games (RPG) and will share what I’ve learned so far.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. If you are excited about my content offering, please tell your gamer friends. I’m retired so I have a lot of time to dedicate to this hobby. I am learning new things each day and will encapsulate these findings each week, right here. See you again, next week.

Until next time…