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I’m really enjoying the Dark Time book. The main plot has just begun to take off and it’s great. I enjoy well-written sci-fi books, particularly the ones written by this author. He presents a technical background to the story, explaining concepts like near-light travel, and is also really good at breaking his story down into bite-size chunks. It makes it easy to read, and it is a great way to describe multiple stories, which overlap each other from different sides of multiple galaxies.

Sis and I are still enjoying the West Wing. We’re in season 3. This is a show I’ve watched about 8 times. I just can’t get enough of it. The acting, the writing, and all the rest is just superb.

West Wing Episode 10 – Bartlett for America

This week I learned the Left(), Right(), Mid(), Search(), and Len() functions. These are really helpful functions in Excel. Particularly if you are trying to break up an entry in a cell to accommodate setting your data up for sorting. The example the instructor provided involved a cell with first and last name. If you’ve ever tried to search through a list with first and last name combined, it can be problematic because searching is ineffective if your data is not configured well.

The civil war documentary I’m watching is also fascinating. We are at the part of the war, where Grant and Lee are going at it. Interestingly, the battles that were fought were named after landmarks or farms where the battles took place. Names like Spotsylvania, The Wilderness, and Shiloh are all familiar now. Great documentary!

Well, that’s it for today, folks. Have a great Thursday!

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