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Call of Duty Mobile start season 6 today. There are new guns, the KSP-45 and L-Car. A submachine gun and machine pistol respectively. I completed the challenge last night for the L-Car and got the KSP-45 as part of the season’s battle pass. We’ve got a new map, new weapons, new character skins, and all kinds of challenges coming up. Oh, and did I mention they are adding jet aircraft to battle royale? HA!!! It’s going to be great fun!

For those of you doing the “Too Close for Comfort” Challenge, there is a slight glitch in the task list. The task of using The Purifier flamethrower 5 times wouldn’t work when I first started playing it. The key is to use the generic version of the Purifier, not the H20 version or even using a camouflage. You need to use the plain, generic Purifier and the task will count the games you use. This threw me for a bit, but I visited Reddit and the solution was there. I’d also like to pass on my thanks to CODM’s folks on their Discord channel. They directed me to Reddit, updated me that the glitch was fixed, and were terrific.

I’m reading Star Carrier: Dark Time. It’s a great read so far. I’m also reading my bible daily. I love a good story. Reading is what I call one of my “critical tasks” because it keeps the creative juices flowing. Each time you read, you are invoking your inner creativity, so that the scenes, characters, and story come alive. At least that’s what I do. I truly enjoy the escape that reading provides.

My sister and I are still watching season 2 of The West Wing. She’s been busy lately with her friends, going out and such, so we haven’t watched too much this week, but that’s ok. I’ve watched the entire show about 9 times. I just love this show. This time around, since it is no longer on Netflix, I am buying each season as we go, just like I did with The Sopranos. For those shows I really enjoy, I buy them, so I always have access to them everywhere. I don’t buy DVDs anymore. I really try to minimize the things I own, because there’s nothing like having access to everything I need digitally. I joke from time-to-time that I can literally survive with what’s in a backpack.

I’m watching a great documentary on the Civil War on Amazon Prime. I’m also continuing my studies on Udemy. This week I learned about the Index() and Match() functions. Today, the instructor is going to use both to show how powerful a combination these two functions are in Excel. I enjoy learning something new each day. It’s a real rush when you learn something you didn’t know the day before.

Well, that’s it for this week’s installment of gaming, reading, watching, and learning. I hope you all enjoy this posting. I’m thinking of separating gaming into a separate day, like Saturday, but haven’t decided yet. What do you think? Put your comments in the section below. I’ll listen.

Until next time…