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Happy Thursday, folks!

Season 5 of CODM is upon us. They have loaded up some new challenges, updated rewards and goodies for completing them, and I am continuing to work on Diamond Camouflage for weapons. The Clan Battle has started up again, where specific games are set up for clans to compete. It’s all great fun! To make this easier to understand, I’ll begin uploading photos next week of various screen shots within the CODM portal.

I’m still reading the Star Carrier Series. The story so far has our hero locked in battle with a new alien enemy known as the G’rdock. It’s a crazy story so far.

I started watching Total War WW2 on Amazon. It’s a new take on WW2 that covers themes of things, instead of battles, like normal documentaries. Topics like mobilization, the aerial war, and other topics. It’s great!

My sister and I finished Better Call Saul. Season 6 doesn’t come to Netflix until July, so we moved over to one of my favorite television series–The West Wing. I just bought season 1. It’s been a great ride so far.

I’m still in the MS Excel course offered by Udemy. This week we are learning about conditional statements, like IF functions. It’s terrific to learn about all these things I did not know and it will make me more proficient when I begin creating better spreadsheets that will help me be more organized and efficient in both my work and my personal life.

Well, that’s it, folks.

Have a great Thursday!

Until next time…