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So, here we are again, folks. It’s Thursday and it’s time for an update on all things watching, playing, and reading. I just started Dark Matter. It is a book in the Star Carrier Series. I’m taking a break from Remo because I started this series way back when and want to finish it. It falls within the Sci-Fi genre and is one terrific book.

We are in Season 4 of Better Call Saul. Wow! What a great series. It’s great to watch this character’s arc, along with all the rest of the characters sprinkled in from Breaking Bad. I wanted to touch on a documentary series I started watching yesterday. It’s on WWI. If you have Amazon prime and interested in military history, here’s the title: The First World War. So far, it’s been pretty informative. I enjoy watching one documentary a day, so when I hit a series like this, it’s terrific, because it’ll last 10 days (10-day series). I watch an episode a day.

Call of Duty Mobile continues to satisfy. There’s a new challenge in Battle Royale that I’ll be starting today. I’m still continuing to work on weapon camouflages. I work through all the weapon classes – sniper, shotgun, assault rifle, submachine gun, and melee weapon. It’s great fun! I didn’t play as much with Zombies this season, but will get right back to that next season, which starts in June. Well, that’s the update on the gaming front.

Have a great day, folks!

Until next time…