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It’s Monday, folks and time for another installment of Motivation Monday. I was thinking about how all of us manifest our environments. Our attitudes have a huge impact on our motivation. If you think the day will be great, it will be. Conversely, if we think the day will be crap, it will be.

The way we “see” our reality is the way it is. We cannot escape ourselves. How do you smooth out a bad mood? There are all kinds of ways to do so. Music is a huge one for me. If music impacts your mood like it does me, grab your favorite toon or playlist and fire it up. Your mood will change in seconds. Another thing to do is to do something you absolutely enjoy. Maybe it’s a warm cup of coffee. Maybe it’s a tasty morsel like a donut, coffee cake, or a steaming bowl of oatmeal.

Another thing that can alter your mood is exercise. A vigorous workout or relaxing walk with your favorite tunes blaring is another great way to change your mood in an instant. The key is knowing yourself and the tools you have at your disposal to alter your initial feeling in the morning.

I have gotten so skilled at maintaining a good mood, that is no longer an issue for me. I wake up happy and ready to tackle the day. All of the tasks I have set up are things I enjoy doing. When I work on my book, it is an escape for me to another reality that unfolds as I put words to the page.

Motivation is impacted by the mood you are in. If you are having one of those “dark” mornings, it is hard to be motivated to do anything. So keep your personal tools at the ready. The mood has to change before anything can be accomplished. Music, exercise, good food, or something you enjoy doing are the tools I use to keep up my motivation levels.

One more tool I have is having something enjoyable to do after I get done with my “work”. I look forward to the video gaming I know I’ll be doing once my to-do list is completed. This little “carrot” at the end of my work day is a key motivator. It makes the day fly by, as I knock out task after task, knowing, I’ve got a great video game experience waiting for me.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope all of you have a terrific Monday!

Until next time…