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Well, here we are, folks! I changed my title to include books in the description, since I give you an update on my reading of the Remo Williams series I’ve been captivated with. Bay City Blast is the latest title, and again, a funny, exciting, and engrossing story. These books are relatively short, but always provide an entertaining read.

We started Better Call Saul and we both love it. The backstories of the original Breaking Bad crew is awesome. That’s all I’ll say, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. If you liked Breaking Bad, you’ll like this. It has a different flavor, but is funny, sad, and all the rest.

I’m a little disappointed with Call of Duty. The stage 3 tournament will probably not happen for me. The key is to know people and build a team before the event. There is still time available to do that, but the mechanism they are using in-game and on their Discord channel is not very intuitive. So, lesson learned. It’s time to build some relationships so next year I can compete as far as I want, without going through this turmoil. That being said, it is a great season so far, with a new character–an Egyptian! The theme is in the desert and there is an actual sand storm on the Battle Royal map. Wow! They’ve also started a tournament game, which commences each weekend Friday – Sunday, so those that are still working can jump in and compete. This was WAY COOL. They introduced a new sniper rifle, a new melee weapon called Kali Sticks (see Rambo movie where he begins in Thailand).

I’m watching the third part of a three-part series on Curiosity Stream. It is called Secret Societies. Watching this show, prompted me to find a cool video I posted on Tuesday about the Illuminati. Anyway, the third part is about conspiracy theories. They disbanded the “Jesus married to Mary” theory, and just began looking at the conspiracy theory spurred by HItler during the 1930s to focus public opinion on something other than the outrageous inflation rates, unemployment, and everything else Germany was going through at the time. It’s a great documentary so far.

Well, that’s it for now, folks!

I hope you have a great Thursday!

Until next time…