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Weather can be a real demotivator. Do you know anyone that is impacted adversely by the weather. My Mother get’s migraines when it get’s stormy. My sister’s mood is impacted by the “dark” months during Michigan’s Winters, because of the heavy cloud cover we have most of the time. Weather can be a real drag if you are impacted this way.

How do you overcome it? Mom just deals with it. My sister has a sun lamp she uses to help her get more sun. It is interesting to learn how everyone learns to accept and deal with their ailments.

For me, weather was a demotivator in the military. Why? Because I lived in it. I had no ability to escape the elements, other than wear the issued gear we were provided with. But, that did not stop the freezing rain, snow storms, or the mud we dealt with. I turned my dislike of bad weather around psychologically, by digging in even more when the elements were against us. It also prompted me to buy a portable butane stove, sold by a military store. What a godsend. Hot coffee will always take away the chill.

Many authors I have read suggest we take our good weather with us. Despite the rain, the snow, or whatever else, we take our good mood with us. So make the best of your circumstances and dig in. The bad weather will pass and you’ll have accomplished a great deal in the meantime.

Have a great Monday, folks!

Until next time…