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Well, we are getting lots of snow and we’re scheduled to get a heck of a lot more before the day’s out. If you are in the belt of the storm that is currently hitting the U.S., be careful when you’re out driving. I have to make a run today, but going to be going very slow, as many of the roads around my home are not cleared and the driving is a little treacherous.

Well, my sister and I are still watching Ozark. We finished season 4, part 1, but decided to rewatch the entire show beginning in season 1. Wow, this story is so good. Last night, sis made some popcorn. I’m not a huge fan of popcorn, but last night, sis’ popcorn hit the spot. If you’ve never watched Ozark, I highly recommend it. It is one heck of a ride.

I’m playing through a new challenge that came up on CODM. It requires I engage in some ranked play. It has been a lot of fun. I only have one more thing to do to finish it today. They also have a zombie event, which comes and goes throughout the season, with its own set of challenges to complete. It’s a great part of the game and it helps break up the monotony that can come when I play too much team deathmatch, frontline, or battle royale. Typically, I’ll get in a few hours each day. They also have daily challenges, which keep me busy.

I also dabbled in Far Cry 6. They have a very unique angle in this version. Spoiler Alert: Once you finish the game, insurgencies start cropping up weekly, which require you to go back out and retake bases, checkpoints, and perform other tasks. It is a great way to realistically keep the game going indefinitely. One of my readers suggested the Fallout series of games. That may be a possibility. There’s more to do in Far Cry, but Fallout was a pretty neat game when I played it. I only played the first one, but the reader who suggested Fallout said that Fallout 3 and 4 are terrific. I may take that up. I’m always in for a great long-term game like these, particularly those which fall into the “open world” category. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the open world genre gives the player the freedom to go wherever they want, take on any challenge they want, and in any order. What makes the Fallout games unique is that the endings are impacted by what you do during the game.

This year, I am focusing my reading on The Destroyer series. I wanted to add books to my list, because it is another hobby of mine. Since the series is composed of over 140 books, it will be a great thing to set my sights on. I am currently reading The Last Temple. Each of these books is literally a few hours of reading, so I typically get through around two of them a week. If you like adventure, action, and some dark humor, you’ll enjoy these books. They are terrific!

Well, that’s it for this week. We’ll probably finish the Ozark series this week. My sister and I just finished season 2 and will start on season 3 tonight. Typically, we’ll watch a couple of episodes each night (2 or 3). Since each season has 10 episodes, that’s around 3 nights of viewing. Then, who knows?

Enjoy the snow! Be safe! Have a great Thursday!

Until next time…