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Today, I’m grateful for blogging. I started this blog in 2016, when I returned home from Arizona to help out my folks in Michigan. I’ve always wanted to write and have a blog, but never had the time before retiring to really put in the time to build a readership, put together written content, or any of that.

One of the unknown benefits of blogging that I discovered is the ability to make friends. I’m pretty isolated here in Michigan with my folks. My Dad’s immune system is pretty compromised. My Mom and I have to be very careful, particularly now with COVID and all of its different strains. My state is one of those states experiencing another surge, due to the Delta variant. Now that the omicron has hit, who knows what will happen. So, getting out is risky, other than making short trips to the gas station, doctor and dental appointments, or a run to the grocery store.

I have made some really great friends here. At least I consider them friends. When you think about the intimate conversations we have with one another, it is more than most friends who see each other all the time have. Friends sharing stories about losing their husband, other friends talking about the writing life they have, and still other friends who focus on passing the good news around, rather than the bad news, which is so rampant.

So today, I am grateful for blogging. Here’s to some great friends, I would have never met any other way. Your stories are terrific. Getting to know you over the years has been great! Here’s to many more years of friendship, more stories to share, and even more friends, from who knows where.

Until next time…