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I recently read a blog posting my friend in Australia wrote. In a nutshell, she did some edits on her manuscript, sent it out to her readers, and discovered she did not fix any of the problems they identified earlier. She simply added more problems.

Have you ever had something like that happen? It’s at these times when many would just throw up their arms, have a temper tantrum, and quit. This is where persistence comes in.

Persistence means we do not quit. We keep pushing forward. We continue to move forward, despite the difficulties.

Many of you have read my thoughts on giving up on goals we have to struggle to do, but here’s the caveat–even the things we love to do and focus on can cause frustration or problems. You need this love or passion for a thing to push through these hard times. If you have to fight against yourself every time you have to do something you’ve set a goal for, stop doing that goal. You see?

Anyway, my author friend in Australia loves what she does, and has the ability to push through these tough times, because of that love. I bet if she really didn’t enjoy writing or working on this book project, this latest round of feedback would have caused her to quit. This is the best example I can give about loving what you do, and letting go of things that you thought you loved, but discovered weren’t your cup of tea. (Are you tired of all my trite expressions yet? HA!)

We got our first snow in Michigan. Wow, was it beautiful! My sister came in for Thanksgiving, and it was great. Good conversations, plenty of movie watching, and great food, courtesy Mom and her. We had a smoked turkey this year. Have you ever had one of those? Smoked turkey is delicious, and makes one hell of a sandwich!

Well, that’s all I got for today, folks!

Until next time…