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Have you ever completed a project and then, not know what to fill that gap in your schedule with? That’s me right now. School kept me busy, but now that school’s over with, I have to figure out what to replace the hours I put into that with something else. I know working on my books will take up some of the time, but what to do with the rest?

Well, I decided to get back out in the world. I’ve created two days in my schedule where I will do my work in one of our terrific coffee shops and another day in my local library. Getting out will do me good, and I am never one to turn down a terrific cup of coffee.

What has this got to do with motivation? Well, motivation is about getting up and doing something. For me, the type of motivation for school was a mix of both intrinsic motivation (I wanted another degree) and extrinsic motivation (deadlines for assignments). Now, it’s all on me. That is the change. There is no one telling me what to do. It’s all me.

So, here we go!

If you have a unexpected gap in your schedule like me, think about what you want to do, have time to do, and fill in the gap. Anybody can take that extra time and binge watch Netflix, play endless hours of video games, or just do nothing, but if you’re like me, you like having things to do that has meaning. I enjoy the creativity in writing, and have always wanted to write a book. So, I’m back at it again. I’ve got a lot of ideas, and I’m looking forward to getting to work.

Until next time…