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Today, I’m grateful for gas-powered generators. You see, Michigan is one of those states whose power grid is not that robust, particularly when we get hit with storms that are accompanied by high winds. High winds knock over trees. The trees take out the power lines. Downed power lines eliminate power. Currently my street and the streets on either side of us are out of power. Luckily, a few years back, my Mom and Dad ran into this same issue. My Dad ran around trying to find a gas-powered generator to get the power back on, but to no avail. Everyone had the same idea and there were no generators left in Southeast Michigan. After this experience Mom and Dad vowed to never again be without power and purchased a permanent generator which runs off of gas. We now never run out of power to our refrigerator and other key items in the house.

So, yes. We are “roughing” it, but not as bad as some are, who do not have a permanent generator attached to their gas lines, and are indeed suffering, when the power goes out, not to mention the potential loss of food in the fridge. So today, I am grateful for the permanent generator we have, that allows me access to the Internet, my phone and iPad, and this laptop, which I am using to post today.

I hope DTE gets the power back on quickly for folks who do not have one of these. It sucks to live by candle light, particularly if you are like me, and enjoy the access to the web and other devices I use each day.

This reminds me of a quote (I don’t know who created it). It’s about being mindful of the blessings in your life, even when things aren’t perfect. It also stresses the importance of taking nothing for granted. Be grateful for all the things you have. You never know when those things will change or go away forever.

Until next time…