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In today’s world, information overload is a common term. We get pounded with advertisement, news, and a truckload of gossip. Ask any question in Google’s search engine box, and take a look at the responses you get. I bet you will get both sides of an argument, regardless of what question you pose. Keto or not, vitamins or not, vegan or not, what type of exercise works–what doesn’t?, etc. I chose physical fitness for my core topic here, but you get the idea. How do we sift through all this information to find the truth?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds, typically because most of the voices online are in it for a profit, clicks, or some other selfish purpose. This is where critical thinking takes on a whole new meaning. Today, we all have to become critical thinkers to avoid being overwhelmed by masses of opinions that are just that–opinions. To arrive at some semblance of truth, we have to really dig, and examine what we are reading critically. Watch this short video to learn how.

I hope you enjoyed this video and will try out some of the things it suggests. Critical thinking is no longer relegated to the university. We must all learn how to critically think and choose our information sources wisely. If we do not, we will be easily duped by many on the internet who have no interest in telling us the truth, but are rather interested in gaining political points, selling us something, or perpetuating a rumor that is popular.

Have a great Tuesday, folks!

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