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Each Monday, I get myself started with a kickoff activity. It is the one thing that gets me going on the rest of my tasks. My kickoff activity is journaling. Journaling while drinking a cup of coffee or anything caffeinated, is something that gets my creative juices flowing. When I was working, my kickoff activity would be going through my email and identifying priority emails to respond to, getting my call list out, and double-checking my calendar for activities and meetings for the day.

Kickoff activities are those that trigger other activities during the day. When I start journaling, I contemplate a lot of different things. This contemplation helps me organize myself for the day. Another kickoff activity is my to-do list. Mine is pretty much on autopilot, unless something comes up that is out of the ordinary. It may seem boring, but my day is the same. I have key items I like to accomplish each day. I focus on four key areas: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social. Physical is eating right, getting enough sleep, hygiene, and exercise. Mental is reading, writing, and learning. Spiritual is reading spiritual things, meditating/contemplating, listening to good music, and journaling. Social is blogging, social media, staying in touch with friends and family, and getting out in the community. Although, I am more of a home body now because of COVID, I still try to interact with folks at the grocery store, gym, and anywhere else I go.

One great way to interact socially is playing video games. The one I play a lot is Call of Duty. There is all kinds of interaction in this game because it is online and networked. Every simulated battle contains 11 other folks who I can interact with during the fight and afterwards. These folks could be local, or on the other side of the world. Since I play in the wee hours, it is likely that I will have Europeans, Asians, and other nationalities online, when most of the US is asleep.

What are you kickoff activities on Monday? What habitual action do you take to “kickoff” everything else?

Have a great Monday, folks!

Until next time…