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I’ve addressed this before in my Motivation Monday writings, but wanted to bring this up again. Sundays are labeled my “do nothing day”. On Sunday, I literally do what I want, without a schedule and where I purposely do not do anything listed on my to-do list. I wanted one day to truly be “lazy”, feel no pressure, and just enjoy the day, regardless of what I end up doing, guilt-free.

What does my “do nothing day” look like? Typically, it involves sleeping in. And when I say sleep in, I mean it. I normally do not get out of bed until 11 am or 12 pm. Sometimes I’ll get up briefly for my iPad, and get right back into that warm bed and watch some Netflix. It really depends on my mood, and what I feel like.

I don’t remember where I got this idea from, but it has worked miracles for me. When I get up Monday, I’m raring to go. I would also like to note that my preparation for Monday occurs on Friday and Saturday, where I take a look at my upcoming week and figure out what I am going to be doing. This alleviates any pressure on me to do anything on my “do nothing day.”

So get your calendar straight, look at the things you have on your schedules, and get your clothes prepped. Then when you hit Monday, you are hitting it running. I hope some of you take up a “do nothing day”. It may not be as “hard-core” as mine, because you have certain responsibilities you can’t avoid (pets, children, etc.), but it is a really worthwhile venture.

Your “do nothing day” doesn’t have to be on Sunday, either. You can set it for a day that is easier. Perhaps, Saturday?

Well, that’s all I got for Monday. Have a great week, folks!

Until next time…