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When I write these postings, I rarely know what I am going to be thankful for. It just comes as I begin rambling on and on about this or that. Today, I am thankful for my reading audience. I have already achieved my follower goal for the year, but many are still coming. What a wonderful blessing.

When I first began blogging a few years back, I was very apprehensive about what I was writing. I worried about what people would think. Over time, I realized that each blog is individual. We write about what we care about. Some care about writing, some crafting, and some just put out the news in a particular area. When I realized that we are all just posting things that we are passionate about, I loosened up.

So today, I am grateful for my readers. Some of you are authors, some of you are crafters, others are retired. All are enjoying life as it comes and sharing their stories. And boy, are some of these stories terrific. Some stories are also sad, but informative. They share what a person is going through with the hope they might help someone else deal with the same issue in an easier way. All of these stories forms the fabric of the blogosphere. What a magnificent quilt it is!

Have a great day, folks. Thanks for following Daily Ramblings. I truly enjoy your comments and look forward to more people joining the conversation in the future.

Until next time…