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You know, when I was living in California and Arizona I loved the weather. It was pretty consistent–warm and sunny. Now that I am back in Michigan, I realized how nice it is to have some variety in the weather. I love the four seasons. I love the rain. I love the thunder storms. I love the snow. I love the fall.

In Michigan, we experience what has been appropriately labeled the “lake effect”. The Great Lakes play havoc on the weather here, ensuring that meteorologists everywhere are wrong. We will get a storm warning and nothing happens. We get a clear skies prediction and the clouds roll in. We get rain when the skies have been blue all morning. This variety is refreshing. I like not knowing what the weather will do.

For those of you living in tropical climates or in states like Arizona and California, I get it. Living with year-round blue skies is a great thing, but for me, now that I am back in Michigan, the variety is so much nicer. Here’s to variety.

Have a great Thursday, folks!

Until next time…