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I’ve been feeling a little out of it the last few days. I’ve had headaches, ear aches, sore throat, you name it. What do we do to stay motivated when we’re not feeling 100%? We motivate ourselves to do what we have to do, and then we dump the rest, so we can rest.

Sometimes, the only cure for sickness is sleep, vitamins, water, chicken soup, and sleep. Sleep is by far the best way to overcome sickness, because your body needs the sleep to mend itself and fight off whatever it has. Your body will also tell you when it’s losing and it’s time to see the doctor.

So, take care of yourself when you’re feeling worn out like I do. I’m drinking water, had my vitamins and breakfast, and yes, I am going to take a nap. It’s all you can do sometimes. Enjoy the nap. Embrace the nap. Another tidbit of home remedies is showers and baths. I love showers when I’m not feeling well. The body gets rid of a lot of waste and toxins through the skin, particularly when you’re not feeling well. Take that shower to get rid of all that. If needed, go right back to bed after you’re done.

I hope this helps you when you are sick. There was a saying we had in the Army, that was wise and funny. It goes likes this: “There’s a very little difference between hardcore and stupid.”–Unknown. What it means is that being tough and hard-charging is terrific, provided it is not idiotic. There are some who really took hardcore to heart and really overdid it. Being sick and trying to gut your way through it, is not only stupid, it is dangerous to yourself and your unit.

Take care of yourself. You’ll heal up quicker and get back to the things you need to get done.

Until next time…