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I wanted to continue the conversation about your mid-year goal evaluation and assessment I discussed last week. One thing I forgot to mention is the importance of putting some goals aside. We start the year strong, really motivated to tackle all of our stuff, but suddenly, as life catches up, and our priorities change, some goals we set just aren’t right.

This is the time to do a little hedge trimming. What goal do you constantly struggle with? When I use the word struggle, I am talking about internal resistance. You want to do something, but you resist it by procrastinating, rushing through it, or just making a puny effort to get it done for the day. These are the goals you really want to take a look at. One goal, regardless of how you feel about it or resist it, should never be removed from your goal list–exercise. This is one exception to the rule of hedging your goals. The body has to move, work, and exercise. Our internal systems are stupid in a way, but also very efficient. This is the double-edged sword. If you do not work the body, it will react in kind, by reducing muscle, bone density, the whole gambit. When the body goes, so does the mind, and the mechanism you use to get anything done deteriorates.

The rest of your goals are open game. It makes no sense to pursue a goal, you ‘re not into anymore. Put in on a someday-maybe list. Then attack the rest of your goals with vigor. We all change. Our attitudes change, our tastes change, and yes, even our dreams change. Don’t punish yourself by pursuing a goal that you just aren’t into anymore. Get it off your goal list and attack the ones you are excited about.

Here’s an example: One of my goals this year was to draw. I started out on fire, watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and trying out my ideas on paper. Because I am a novice at this, I didn’t spend a bunch of money on expensive drawing paper or the pencils many artists use. I just grabbed the ole number 2 pencils and sketched inside one of my blank notebooks. Around April or so, I lost interest. I liked sketching, but just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. So, I put it on hold. It was my goal. Who cares? Why torture yourself?

The goals I love are related to my passions–reading, writing, learning, exercise, and video gaming. I love working on my laptop with a nice cup of coffee or another of my favorite beverages (Monster, anyone?). As long as it is caffeinated, I’m there.

I have one blogger friend who is passionate about crafts. She makes quilts, handbags, you name it. Another blogger friend is a true-blue author. I have other blogger friends who love to travel, collect stamps or coins, or even make models. My true hobby and love is video games. I can’t get enough of Call of Duty, running around a digital map, and playing the role of action-hero, blowing away the enemy with a growing list of weapons, ranging from a simple baseball bat to a 20mm Sniper rifle. It is such great fun. I also enjoy the Far Cry series, which is bringing out Far Cry 6 this year. It’ll be great fun. I particularly like cooperative playing games, because this is the way my brother (who is in Arizona), nephew, and I stay in touch. He loves video games as well.

Well, that’s enough for this week. The key take-away is to stop torturing yourself over goals you’ve lost the fire in your belly for, OTHER THAN EXERCISE. Exercise is critical to your long-term health and well-being.

Have a great week, folks!

Until next time…