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Today, there will be no joke. Instead, I wanted to write a little about how fast time moves along when we are engaged with something. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and just fell off my to-do list because the book was so riveting. I’m reading one of Bill Woodward’s book, called The Price of Politics. The book is about the Obama administration, discussing some of the key moments where he and the Republicans were banging head. The current story is about the budget negotiations prior to the 2012 Presidential election. What a crazy story. Woodward is really good at describing the nuances and complexity of negotiations between the House, Senate, and the Obama White house.

For some, reading political history is a little dull. I like to read history related to politics, prominent figures, and the military. I have to say that this book has been particularly engaging, because Woodward writes about something that occurred only a few years ago. By the way, his books on the Trump administration were also good. They are called Fury and Rage.

Anyway, time got away from me, as I ran down the Woodward rabbit hole the last few days. Am I done? No. There is still more to read. I’ll take advantage of the long weekend to do just that.

I hope all of you have a terrific Memorial Weekend. For those of you who are serving, or have relatives that are serving, I thank you for your or their service. I also would like to thank those who have fallen while serving our country. These people who made the ultimate sacrifice are those who we commemorate this weekend.

In light of this, I will not be back on here until Tuesday. Have a great weekend folks!

Until next time…